What to consider before you start looking at new positions

When looking for a new position there are a few considerations to think about …. like  what are your objectives?

Are you looking for a flexible position offering a work /  home balance or are you ready to crank it up and get exposed to more responsibilities. Everyone has a different agenda and it would be worth thinking about this before starting your search or getting one of us professionals to do the search for you.


Consideration 1 : Skills

When you are considering which career path to choose it is important that you choose career options synergise with your skills. In worth keeping  in mind skills that you have been exposed to and that you want to build on, or even skills you would like to focus on more directly. By evaluating your key skills we are able to access your strengths and previous issues you may have faced in order to prepare you for future problem solving.


Consideration 2 : Career Progression

Every business is different with regards to the products and services they provide and even to the organisational structure it follows. So it is essential that you understand the knock on effect this may have on how the business invests in their staff.

When looking at a position; one consideration may be;

  • Where could I be in 5 – 10 years? This one is a main consideration for a lot of candidates on the job market.
  • Is there room for growth and how have others grown their careers within the considered business?
  • Does the employer offer a professional training package and how has it benefited the staff and the company?
  • What does the organisational structure look like and how involved will you be within it?
  • How involved would you be in decision making?

If you are offered the job all the questions above will help you make the best decision, it is important to consider not just the short term when making the decision but also the long term to ensure you are accepting a role which is going develop your skills and further your career.


Consideration 3 : Challenges

A challenging role is a great simulator and helps you to stay focused within work. Getting stuck into challenges offers a varied day, but watch out! ; Challenging positions may give you a more stressful working life and if that’s not for you maybe consider a position with less responsibility.

Note: Generally speaking less responsibility and challenges comes with a lesser remuneration package.


Consideration 4: Salary

The salary should have a fair compensation matched with your skills and experience.

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