7 Reasons why you didn’t get the job!

There are so many different factors during a hiring process that it can be almost impossible to predict an outcome.  We have pointed out seven but there are many factors like internal company politics,  not demonstrating your skills in previous positions if it is internal and lack of skill display in an interview being that from thinking you should just have the job with no effort.

Even if you feel you’ve given a compelling and brilliant CV, there may just be someone with a little bit more additional experience who beats you to the post.


If you have received a job rejection here are a few reasons why from an external interview prospective…

1. Your CV didn’t sell you well enough.

CV Writing is an art  and very important art in fact. Many people see the value of having a professional CV made as this is the key to unlock the door before you get an opportunity to walk through it. Certainly high level positions would benefit from using this service. If you do not seem to be getting a foot in the door maybe a professional CV writing service  would be the next step for you.

Please speak to one of our consultants who would either be happy to offer help or direction in this matter


2. You did not demonstrate your knowledge and skill set to the depth required.

Demonstrating your level of understanding in your CV is a key element which can be missed by the reader if not fully displayed properly. When demonstrating your knowledge make sure you look at the whole picture and highlight the benefits to the businesses that you have worked in. This can be done by key achievements which led to money saved in that business, money brought in and time saved.


3. Your motivations for wanting the position were not made clear to the interviewers.

Coming across for why you want the position is a key element – one helpful way of doing this is having a look of the company’s website. This will help you get an idea of the type of organisation they are and what they believe their core values are. Once you understand and have an idea you can match yours to theirs making you a more attractive and relevant candidate for the role.

Talk about your work ethic and how and why you would be a good fit for the role.

It surprises me that notes are not taken in an interview by the interviewee, remember to be engaged in conversation and retain eye contact as much as possible.


4. You were perceived as not being a good team fit.


If the position is heavily involved in  client facing and you came across as someone lacking strong interpersonal skills this could be seen as not having the capabilities to communicate at all levels where needed.

If the position involved leadership and management then you would want to be showing how you energise and inspire , yet drive direction with your way of working. So for example when an interview takes place then you would really need to be discussing the ‘change leadership you had actively been involved in with others you managed and departments you collaborated with to make that piece of work or project happen.

5. Someone with that bit more experience beat you to it.

This can be luck of the draw as to who you are going up against in an interview. Just sell yourself the best you can.



6. Your experience didn’t match the specific criteria.

If you have no relevant skills for the position it would be likely that you will not be selected for an interview from the CV stage. At this point I would suggest to get exposed to those skills and retry.


7. You were late.

At one point I think this has happened to us all … However this can be very costly to your interviewer’s prospective on what you are like as an individual, even if this never happens usually!